Hisense 8,000 BTU SACC (350 SQ. FT.) PORTABLE AC

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Hisense 8,000 BTU SACC (350 SQ. FT.) PORTABLE AC

This Hisense Portable Air Conditioner provides 8,000 BTUs of cooling. Capable of cooling spaces of up to 350 sq.ft, it can also dehumidify and be used with select fan modes to circulate the air in your room. The LED display on the front of the unit indicates the room temperature and can easily be seen from across the room. With the included I-Feel™ remote, easily adjust the temperature setting, set a timer, and more.


Don't get up. We got this.

Control the AC from the couch with the I-Feel™ remote. A built-in temperature sensor “feels” the ambient temperature of your surroundings and adjusts the cooling power of the unit accordingly. After powering on, the auto louvre adjusts airflow to a certain angle. You can just sit there, looking cool, and feeling cool.

Smarter and better.

Smart Mode and one-touch operation temperature control make it easy to get a room cooling quickly and efficiently. Set it and forget it with a programmable 24 hour on/off clock. The unit is free-draining for non-stop cooling during those hot summer months. Sleep mode uses lower, quieter fan speeds and automatic temperature adjustments for eight hours of cooling, before automatically shutting off. 

A cinch to install.

Install your portable AC in minutes with a snap connection window kit for easy installation that includes a 59-inch-long air hose. The supplied window mounting kit comes in four pieces - so there is no cutting needed. 

Shhh. Don't make a sound.

Super quiet operation with a low operating noise level of 47 - 49dB(A) when the fan is on low. 


  • Portable air conditioner with wheels let you quickly shift it all over your home with no restrictions
  • 12000 BTUS (8000 SACC) of cooling capacity is suitable for up to 350 square feet
  • Built-in dehumidifer extracts moisture in the air at 3.1pt/hr which prevents the build-up of mould and bacteria
  • Three fan speeds of low, medium, and high give you different intensities of air circulation up to 230 cu. ft.
  • Vertical air swing for directing the air flow up or down
  • I-Feel Remote for a convenient adjustment of temperature, fan speeds, timer, and more
  • Re-usable air filter and washable intake grill are easy and hassle-free to maintain
  • LED panel displays the room temperature and is clearly visible from across the room
  • 7.9 energy efficiency rating ensures less power consumption that results in lower power bills
  • 50dB sound output is low enough not to cause any disturbance or interfere with your sleep
  • Includes remote powered by 2 AA batteries, window mounting kits, and exhaust hose to vent the hot air outside