Philips Hair Clipper Series 5000, HC5440/80

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Philips Hair Clipper Series 5000, HC5440/80


The HAIRCLIPPER Series 5000 is built to last, and engineered to perform. The innovative cutting element, stainless steel blades and adjustable beard and hair combs are designed to give you a fast, sharp cut, time after time.

  • The blade is made of Stainless Steel
  • Double-sharpened cutting element with reduced friction
  • Self-sharpening steel blades for long-lasting sharpness
  • Easy to select and lock in 13 length settings: 0.5 to 23mm
  • 75 minutes of cordless use after an 8-hour charge
  • Includes a beard comb for 23 adjustable lengths: 1 to 23mm

Technical Details:

  • Cutting system

    Cutter width                          41mm
    Cutting element                    Stainless steel blades
    Number of length settings    24
    Range of length settings       From 0.5 to 23  mm
    Precision (size of steps)         By 1  mm
    Precision beard comb           1-23mm adjustable beard comb
  • Power system

    Operation                              Corded and cordless
    Charging time                       8  hour(s)
    Running time                        75 minutes
    Battery type                          Ni-MH
  • Ease of use

    Cleaning                               Washable blades
    Maintenance free                 No oil needed